Comdo Firewall freeze my laptop after login

Hi There,

I saw the feature of Comodo firewall and really excited. Intially installed and saw features and quite impressed. But later found that when i log to my laptop, after it is freeze no taskbar or desktop or nothing.

I am using windows XP Prof SP2 and i tried until latest beta version of comodo. When i log it takes very long for applying settings and after that desktop wallpaper comes but nothing happens. ??? >:(

I unintsll back to normal, i will be using back sygate or zonelab which is more stable.


Hi prasanna,

This latest here is a BETA. This doesn’t mean a stable version. I could reproduce the same issue when i’ve installed both the firewall and antivirus betas and used only 1 system restart. Maybe you should try it again:

  • be sure no other firewalls around;
  • check what antivirus or special (fe. worm stoppers) softwares you have;
  • install the firewall with auto config;
  • restart the computer;
    Post at beta section if got problems ;).