Comdo and Corel Painter Essentials 4

I have installed CFP 64bit version on Windows Vista but find that it has caused a problem with Corel Painter Essentials 4. Once installed I am unable to start Corel Painter I get the initial screen and that is all. If I uninstall CFP then Corel Painter Essentials 4 runs normally again. Its seems as if CFP is not allowing the program to run. Any ideas?

Are there any relevant entries in the Defense+ logs?

I still have this problem is there any fix???

I repeat …

no there are no replies or any prompts at all ???
check the logs and nothing
i think what this has to do with PSIService and corel trying to check if it activated…
i think comodo is trying to stop i guess the “activation check”
will try comodo with defense+ in clean pc mode see if helps

now that i remember there was a dll that was stoped by defense+
i allowed and still no go…

will also try the beta
by the way im running vista x64

Try the RC of CIS. Due for a release this month.


will try later on

works like a CHARM…
tried some of the betas (v2 and some v3)
never thought of trying this product though…
the reason being that i had aVira…
but as long as i have comodo working its cool…

well the firewall update screwed it up… ??? 88)
ill live fine without the update as long as comodo works happily with my lappy (R)
i just want to know when the compatibility issue will be fixed???

Remember to completely uninstall CFP 3 then install CIS 3.5. Final should be a good one. :-TU RC2 will be out soon by the way… final next Thursday (hopefully).


what i meant was that CIS said that there was an update…
skeptical (knowing this was an RC-1) i went to the update details…
the reason i said it was a firewall update is because it directed me to firewall “change-log” (shows the # of fixes)
and hey im willing to try any beta version from comodo… (have had a pretty good track record with the v2 and v3 firewall and CAV betas some time ago… 88) :wink: )

RC2 is now out.


oh and knowing melih
he will release it when he thinks its ready for testing… 88) ;D

but i am always pleased with the betas …
they feel and i compare them with retail ver. of other vendors (in my opinion) (R)

update: my bad…lol
that was fast…
I have to thank egemen
yeah go ahead close it…


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