Combo of V Engine-OS LogOn-Personal Details-Website LogOns

Hi Comodo and Fans (:WIN)

I am currently using two programs which enable me to carry my Windows LogOn, and all Personal Details and Website Log On information on a single U3 USB Key. The program locations controlling this data are split with one program running from the HDD and the other from the U3 USB key.

The first controls the Windows Log On and runs from the HDD. It can generate and encrypt the Windows Log On Password, making the use of a strong password practical, allowing the log on to take place provided that the USB Key is present. The program is on the HDD but the LogOn data is encrypted on the USB Key [which is U3 USB key in this case but it could be a Standard USB Key].

The second holds Personal Details and Website LogOn Details. These are encrypted and Password protected and held only on the U3 USB Key. There is an alternative version for running from a Standard USB Key. This serves to automatically fill Forms on line and LogOn to sites e.g. as a registered user of Comodo Forums. Direct from the program it is possible to LogOn to any set up selected site with one single click, where sites like Financial Institutions require a selection of say 3 digits from a Pass-code of 6 digits it is possible to display a crib sheet to remind you of the extra entries needed. This dispenses with the need to keep Post-It notes on the screen surround or frantic searching for information. An added facility is an Encrypted Note system useful for storing important information you may wish to keep private.

I would like to see a combination of these programs and the icing on the cake would be for the V Engine to be incorporated also. This would give the ultimate organization and protection for this sensitive data whilst giving the reassurance that you are using it to log on into a genuine site.

The provisos should be:

1 All Data should be Encrypted – If the Key is lost or stolen it will be massively difficult for anyone else to use, certainly buying time for preventative measures to be taken.
2 All aspects of access and use should be Key-file or Password protected – Only the user would be able to make alterations to or use the Data.
3 Copying of the Data should result in it being rendered useless – Anyone copying the data would be unable to use it with or without the Key-file or Password.
4 To Back Up this system it would be necessary for the user to set up a second USB Key – For this purpose only it would be practical to have a means to transfer Data between Keys, but if this means the data becoming vulnerable at any point it is preferred that individual entry of data be required.
5 If possible the program should run from a standard USB Key or at least with a minimal HDD footprint – No User Data should be stored on the HDD.
6 The V Engine to function as it does so admirably at present. (:KWL)

I am sure there are considerations that have not been illustrated and others that could be included, but on the basis of the above I would be prepared to purchase software with these capabilities.