Combined software for CIS

Are you guys going to combine like the cleanup apps, password keeper, etc. etc. in CIS? I think that would prove very useful, just have everything you need in one app like Iolo System Mechanic Pro, Norton 360, or McAfee. Just a thought, if you could let me know if this is a future item you’re already looking into or may look into, that’d be great.


For cleaning and tweaking Comodo has CSC (Comodo System Cleaner) and IMHO that much bundling won’t go down well with the users, especially since CIS is a security programme.

Can be had from this the official download page or this topic

That might be increase a size of CIS.
Install as a sepearte product is better in my opinion.

CIS is already too bloated. About 200 MB after install. Ofcourse, you can delete the repair folder, LivePCSupport installer and 2.tmp files. Then CIS will take about 100 MB.