Ok trying to use free comodo vpn and you give me this ip addy but when i check it with ip traceer i get my real ip addy posted should your fake one be posted what have i missed i hope its an easy fix i want assurence its working and also when i regester for an account here are you seeing my real ip addy and saving it; have an issue with that but that can wait - hugs later . . .

I think what your looking for is Comodo TrustConnect, that acts as a “proxy” to secure your traffic in hotspots etc…

EasyVPN is more like building a secure connection between users will never expose this 5.x address to the internet. and using encryption on your IM messages.

ok how does that help me what do i do to fix the problem an ip addy trace should show the fake addy once the vpn is working correctly right ? waiting on ya - later . .

a traceroute will probably not disclose the IP you are using on the Internet, traceroute will show you the routers in between you and your destination. If you wish to see what your IP is on the net it’s better to use a site like

Then the question is what do you wish to establish with this “VPN”?
If your only seeking some form of tunnel to enter “the internet” with a different IP in the TrustConnect case an IP of Comodo then you should switch to Comodo Trustconnect. That allows you to build an encrypted tunnel with a server on the Comodo domain, and that server will go out to the Internet for you.

If you like to build a PC-to-PC VPN connection you need EasyVPN but that will only work if both parties are using EasyVPN (you wish to play a LAN game for example etc).

 ???     i am so confused maybe i ll look at other vpn s they are a dime a dozen i don t get it all ho hum . .

Please try this product here;

dang can t log on and i have no company name and why do you need my street addy so what do i try now screech . . . its free right . .

use this Comodo Account Management | Login or Create a new Account