Hi all. I have a LG G5 and recently, Comodo started popping these up. I read these would be false positives, but the threads were years old, not to mention non-Comodo pages. Any insights on what these are and if they are false-positives or actually harmful?

Hi Sami Komodo,

Thanks for reporting us, It is False Positive will be fixed on Comodo mobile Security base update version<70>.


Thanks for reporting sami.komodo and confirming, grkvarma. Just had these instances pop up in CMS which gave me a bit of a fright :o. I’ve ignored for the time being.

@grkvarma: Will these be removed from safe list once database has been updated or should I remove manually?


I have been wondering as well. I wanted to wait a while before posting back. Still appearing.

How do you manually update? I found no option, Graham1.

No manually option available, it is suppose to auto update when the next one is out.

Though I just had the update 69 which causes this problems 3/5 days ago.

I suppose you could try running a scan.


Sorry, should have used “manually removed” from the Safe List. That said, those instances are no longer displayed in my safe list :o. Still on version 69 which is odd.


Still there after scanning as threat. Will wait till v70

Fair enough. Weird they disappeared on you though

Hi all,

Thanks for reporting us, False Positive had fixed and CMS Security Basev70 on live.


Still getting

after updating to Database 70

If I remove them from safe list they still flag as issues. On Moto G5+ Android 7.0 Nougat…

Hi. Still getting the same messages about threats on my cell. That is, after uodating to v70 as well. Is there something we are doing wrong? Or could be an actual problem on our end?

Hi all,

Thanks for reporting us, We had check reported case and no issue found (G5 plus :Android version v7.0 and Android Security patch level (April 1,2018)) For your reference please find images:

If problem still persist please follow below steps:

step 1:Uninstall Comodo Mobile Security
step 2:Reinstall Comodo Mobile Security
step 3:Settings->Antivirus Database Auto Update (please select auto update option)
step 4:Base v70 on live
step 5:Click on scan button.


With 70 db versi?n I have those false positives too.

I can confirm that uninstall/install fixes this.

It would be nice if this was not needed to remove FP


That worked, but that doesn’t re-assure me. In theory, couldn’t a virus hide itself by preemtively disabling the av’s capabilities of recognizing viruses after being installed?