Color display icons in the tray

  1. And my wish on the icon in the tray, so it was green, when with the CIS’s all right, yellow-CAUTION (for example, scan the entire PC or other) and red-alarm if, for example disabled an important component of protection.
  2. And I would like to have an informative gadget to the sidebar Windows, like NORTON Internet Security
  3. And since the product is excellent, almost all satisfied.

I was hoping that it will appear in the version of CIS 5.8 ???
Let’s vote for it

moderator please add a poll :-TU


Yes, I still miss this function!


For as sophisticated as this product is, and for heaven’s sake the tray icon animates traffic, I can not fathom why it doesn’t change color along with the open/config screen. Green is Good, Amber means Alert, whatever.

Too many times I’ve had to turn-off some protection to check/verify some issue, and then forgotten to restore the setting, and CIS tray icon is no help to remind me.

C’mon guys, this is so basic…

+1 for the icon (wish 1.)

  1. Is somewhat discussed in this: Comodo Forum

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Agree. Wish +1 :-TU

  • million for the different colors of icon in system tray:
    green - all right
    yellow - attention
    red - alarm
    blue - game mode

+100500 :slight_smile:

+ For color icons.

IMHO not having a full scan done shouldn’t make it yellow, tho… 88)

I like the suggestions from previous posts:
green - all right
yellow - attention (not having a full scan done shouldn’t make it yellow)
red - alarm
blue - game mode
And of course the icon must be animated.

:-TU very good…

Very good +, all waiting for this well when that happens
and it is 5.9 times during which and no mutations both

Good, logical, straight forward colour choice.


And of course the icon must be animated.
I don't care about animation as long as it can be disabled.

Would be nice if such a good antivirus program has such a beautiful icon and then as now, two hands up and not very VNISI krosivo

Most AVs run a quick scan, after installing. I don’t see why Comodo can’t change a Full Scan to a Quick Scan.

Btw, +1 on the changes.

+1 for optional quick scan after install
+1 for animated color display with changing colours reflecting the CIS state

This is interesting… CIS is already having warning icons, just encountered this when updating CIS:

The corresponding warning in CIS:

I wonder why it is not enough to trigger the warning icon(s?) if features are disabled?