Cofigure Comodo to use Proxies


Need a little help please (Non expert)

I am trying to use a proxy server ie 81 89 106 138 on 8080

But I cannot connect so I wonder if I need to configure comodo?

I have win xp sp2 up to date Comodo Pf v2.14.18.184,.

I have put the above info in the network connections of Firefox v2.0.0.7 under manual proxy consideration. I then get a time out message

Any pointers would be gratefully received

Thank you


That IP address appears to belong to a Belgium ISP called Net4all (see the image below), but I can’t find any proxies on their site at:
Are you sure you’ve got the right IP address?

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I’m also getting the same problem. I cannot configure CAVS (version to update behind the proxy.
My proxy has an IP of port 80 (LAN SIDE)

In the Antivirus Updater… Under HTTP… I choose… I want to customize my settings

Proxy Settings
Address :
Port : 80 (Default)

Check… Needs authentication
Username : xxxx (administrator)
Password : xxxx (valid password)

Under ISP
I want to use the Internet Option in the Conrol Panel (Default)

As soon as I click… Next… I’m getting
“Error Number : 404
Error connecting to the proxy server: Invalid username or password. Please check your proxy configuration settings.”

Help please…


I would like to know how to configure Comodo Firewall (version so that it uses the proxy server here in our business’s LAN. All other software has the ability to define the proxy server or use what settings internet explorer has. But I can’t find it in CFP.
Furthermore, when CFP Defense+ tries to lookup pending files it then freezes up with “no response” and I have to reboot to get rid of the CFP windows.
Would be much obliged for an answer - would hate to have to uninstall CFP and use another firewall…

Thanks in advance,

I’m having the same problem.
Please, provide an easy way to configure proxy settings for Comodo Firewall and Defense+.