code not displaying logo?


i have the trust logo link via email and i’ve followed the instructions but nothing is displaying? here

i’ve noticed the code that goes before when i paste it the goes from red to blank? but i can’t see anything that causes this?

also i’d like to have the corner but on the choice of logos in the email its not an option?

any help would be appreciated :embarassed:

i’ve found this error but what do i do to fix it?


managed to fix it but how do i get the corner logo displaying to sit in the right side of my browser as its currently in-line?

i tried the corner of trust html snippets but the logo and verification disappear and the text ‘ssl certificate’ appear? not sure what i’ve done wrong but any help would be appreciated

i’ve managed to get corner logo back up with verification but its sitting in-line and not bottom right on the browser window? any ideas

anyone have any ideas?

is it normally this quite in here?

ok after many hours i’ve got the standard logo displaying and authenticating on my homepage but when i go through the process of adding the corner trust logo and snippets it doesn’t display or work?

Sorry, but with issues such as this, Comodo staff are really the only ones that can offer any help. And being the weekend, there aren’t going to be any around.

Hopefully someone will respond during the week.