Code 46

Attempting to backup my computer, I receive the following message: “Backup process failed with code 46.” What does this code mean? How can I resolve this issue? I am using version 2.1.118414.11 of CB.


What do you mean exactly by “backing up your computer”?

Edit: Please specify all the steps you performed.

Thank You.

I was attempting to backup C: drive.


Are you using simple copy backup or CBU file backup?
This might be caused by the fact that the destination path is not valid (anymore)

Hi Moderator,

OS: Win XP SP3
Ver. Comodo BackUp 2.1.118414.11
Backup “” failed with code 46

NOTE: These settings work without error when I create & select a scheduled backup to [Run Now]. Yet when it runs automatically, it reports “Backup “” failed with code 46” to my email account.

Step1: (*) File and Directories
C:\Documents and Settings\sbennett\Application Data\Thunderbird

Step2: [X] Exclusion filter
Backup format: [CBU File ]
Compression level: [High ]

Step3: Backup Destination: (*) My Computer
Save as: [X:\sbennett\Thunderbird.cbu ]

Step4: Other Settings
Email notification: [X] on success/ [X] on failure
(the settings in this step work successfully)

Step5: Settings for scheduled backup
[X] Scheduled backup [Daily ]
[ 9:00:00 PM ]
If schedule is missed: [Do nothing ]
Run mode: [Service run ]

      (and FWIW, I've tried other Run modes but still receive notice of error code 46 after backup has run automatically at scheduled time.)


Error code 46 means an invalid path was provided.
“Service run” backups can’t access network drives (X:).
Try “Normal” run, and if error code 46 persists please post the log of the backup.