Cocoon: An interesting addon for Firefox

Has anyone else checked out Cocoon?

This page explains in detail what it does.

Let me know what you think?


Hi Chiron,

Completely negative from my point of view

Basically re: following

…you will be prompted that the file has either passed the virus scan or hasn’t…
…If the file has failed the AV scan, you won’t be able to download the file while using Cocoon
Silly & resembles MSE & why (some & many) people are not using it (when this “overconfident Software” consider High Risk threats … and users have no control over such insanity - this way after quarantining or deleting you system will be a goner and in most cases unrecoverable damage done)

Well, 1st what AV? If you do know what “AV” in particular, please enlighten us
… is it Comodo’s AV :wink: ? I hope not

In any case user must be able to download anything & always - that is my opinion & then if he/she is not sure - investigate.
Keep in mind that I do not mean in this context “drive-by” downloads (without user consent) - different story.

So at the moment - a big NO here


I can think of several reasons not to use this, but this is just my personal opinion.

  1. It only supports out of date versions of firefox, up to version 7 currently.
  2. It installs a toolbar - I can’t stand additional toolbars!
  3. The company is registered in the US.
  4. See the report below - yes it is my address I’ve blocked out and I haven’t even installed Java!

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