CMT error msg "out of disk space

I’m using Vista SP2 home premium, Comodo firewall and hoped that CMT would be as good. Found out about it from PC World and the article was a good review. Seemed to work good and started collecting data and on the 5th snapshot notified that it couldn’t complete because disk space was getting low. I have over 44 Gb of disk available! I wanted to “roll back” but was unable to because “not enough Disk Space” I am removing the software as we speak and am getting indication that it is rolling back to the baseline. I sure hope this works, I can’t afford to have my “C” drive messed up. Any assistance would be helpful at this point.

What you can do is to delete some of the earlier snapshots. This would have released disk space.

I tried and that did not seem to get anything back becuase I couldn’t delete the last item that seemed to be stuck with half a snap indicating low memory. Why would I have low memory when I had over 44 gig available on the hard drive and only asked to save 4 snapshots. Come to think of it I had more saved than I should have.


I had this error too, I went to bed, got up, system was using 100% cpu for some reason as reported by Process Explorer. Comodo Time Machine apparently ■■■■■■■ up somehow.

and now I lost the everything on the drive because this program ate it all. Windows stopped responding repeatedly, giving error after error about no disk space. Then comodo firewall locked opera, I shut that down and things worked a little better, but no disk space still. Then I decided to UNINSTALL comodo Time Machine. I chose to “Keep the system “as is”” and it promptly put the entire system back to my original snapshot date of january 25.

I will be avoiding this software in the future. I had to completely re-install windows 7 64bit just to get the system bootable again. Thankfully I had just backed up most things a few days ago.