CMT+Defrag = ?

Hi Folks

I know this been talked about before.

But earlier I did make image/mirror backups of my hdd.
This gave big backup files, needing space, and fuzzy to

CMT, is a fast way to solve this, it’s great.

It has one down side tho, I have 6 snapshots.
The deframentation level on my harddrive, well
lets just say if I treated a human that way, I’d be
locked away for good.

Will there be a future that sorta puts CMT’s monitoring to sleep
while doing a defrag. CMT whould still know where the files are
right? That whould give a smooth hdd and none unwanted

I really can’t melt that CMT = Unlimited Fragmentation = TRUE.
It just has to be a way around to keep fragmentation down and
enjoy CMT.

CTM is not a backup tool. It is a system restore tool that uses the free space on the disk.
Continue doing your regular backups.
The fragmentation achieved by CTM is smaller than the one you’ll get with Windows System Restore. I don’t think it will be a pause function. You need to uninstall CTM, defrag, install again.