CMS Review by Tech Support (Gizmo)

Reviewed on 31 Jan 2013, few mobile security products reviewed.

For CMS, the reviewer mentioned “Comodo’s real-time engine had some trouble when detecting some of the malware that tried to get into the phone. In fact, it couldn’t detect 2 infected APKs and their presence was detected only after a custom scan. It is clear that Comodo has some good ideas for its security app and it is improving it in many ways. Sadly enough, Comodo’s realtime engine still needs to be improved and the lack of a web protection option doesn’t help to increase its rating as a security suite among the other products.”

Hu Naren,

That review relates to vetsion 1.4 and the review hasn’t changed since published in October. Version 1.5 had even further improvements in it’s detection algorithm. The fact that even back with 1.4 it detected all the samples in a full system scan is what’s important. CMS is improving and will get better. I’ve tried Avast a number of times but it slows my phone and internet surfing too much and I felt restricted to use only the webshield compatible browsers. I run CMS with Opera. Opera’s browser security is enough to protect more from the web side while CMS does the rest. ( just my opinion) Hopefully at some point they’ll review the latest version.


Previously CMS was on 5th or 6th position on gizmo site. Now its on 2nd position but I guess they again tested 1.5. I have posted there about version 2.