CMS gets bloated

I use COMODO Internet Security on my PC and I like to use COMODO on my smartphone too.

But I want a security solution. CMS added a “process manager” (Android already has a process manager), hmmm ok… and a “software manager” (the App Protector is nice but I don’t need another software uninstaller, Android already has it), hmmm ok… call/sms blocking, hmmm ok… scheduled tasks??? Backup??? Traffic monitoring (Android 4 already has it and there are also many apps for this)???

Please, I just want a security solution, move these features to a “COMODO Utilities” and keep CMS lean. Add SD scanning capabilities instead of “traffic monitoring”.

Thank you for your work.

Check the board. CMS (just the security) is available as a stand alone called CAT, Comodo Anti Theft.

I think I know what the OP means he or she just wants just the on demand scanner and the real time scanner. That is it. I understand and half agree with you. (If that is of course what you meant.)

What I like by these combined into one security suite is I eliminated several other apps in favor of this one app and reduced the RAM being used, both storage and active.
This is a plus to me.

I increased my CPU use by 4 per cent with this one app. Horses for courses I guess.

Yeah, other security/privacy features can be acceptable too, but in my opinion Comodo Mobile Security is not a good place for things like Traffic Monitoring, they should be moved to a “Comodo Mobile Utilities”.

Maybe they might develope that in due course. Then move all the bloat there.

I prefer it where it us. My reason being shown above.
If I wanted individual apps I wouldn’t have used CMS.

I don’t see a bloat here.

  • backup is a pure security feature preventing data loss,

  • traffic monitoring is helping you to secure your money… :wink: BTW it’s a first step to introduce a firewall, so… security at 100% :slight_smile:

  • software and process manager are just system tools that can help you to manage your android. (like process manager in CIS defense+).

Traffic monitoring is not a security feature and it overlaps with a feature already available in Android >= 4 (and already available in better, dedicated apps like 3G Watchdog for old Android versions). Moreover, a firewall for Android would require root permissions… probably it’s more secure a smartphone without firewall and without root permissions enabled.

- software and process manager are just system tools that can help you to manage your android. (like process manager in CIS defense+).
The Process Manager for Windows offers additional features while this process manager overlaps with the process manager already available in Android.

I agree with the last post tho I can understand why people might want that sort of stuff I also think it should be in another product called CRPA4P Comodo Running Processors at 4 Per Cent.