CMS crash [Resolved]

I’m still getting this CMS splash screen issue. When I open CMS I sometimes get the splash screen and sometimes not. I then get a “ has stopped working” and CMS crashes. Is there a debug version?

I’m unable to work out the cause of the issue

I’ve had the issue since CMS 1.5 onwards.

Android. 2.3.5 Orange San. Francisco II aka ZTE Blade.
512 mb ram
78 meg of free space on system.
Not running any obscure programs
using android default launcher
using stock static wallpaper

Issue is more prevalent with any widgets more than 3.

[EDIT] - My phone did come with Lookout pre-installed. I have de-selected it from device admin and cleared data though I’ve recently discovered that at least some element of it loads when I boot up the phone. I’ve cleared data and de-selected it as device administrator but it keeps running on bootup though in the background. Specifically C2MReceiverService, NotificationServcice and the main process.

At this point I’m thinkin I may need to root my phone if I want to use any other anti-virus app on my phone. Ideas? Suggestions? I’m going to try and run the Lookout Program update and then clear data.


Ok, so I updated the Lookout Security app even though I’m not using it. This seems to have removed it from the list of Device Administrators. I cleared the data and rebooted my phone.

After reboot: When I look at the app in the manage application it shows as 396kb of data with both Clear Data and Force Stop and Uninstall Updates listed. When I got to Task manager or Running services it’s not listed there. I’m going to run some tests and see whether or not this has been a cause of the issue.


Further on from this. Lookout appears to scan every app that I install. If you click on the notification and use your List button and select notifications you can deselect the notifications and then hit the home button to exit. As far as I can tell it only scanns the installation of new apps but CMS does appear to be running a lot smoother.

Is this a known thing? I’ll run it as it is for now and report back in a few days.

[edit] That’s probably not the best idea running the two. I’ve reverted Lookout back to the pre-installed with cleared data and stopped. I’ll juat have to remember to stop it if I reboot.



To get Lookout to stop loading at start up - Go to the app in your device settings. Firstly click Stop and then click Clear Data. It’s important you do it in that order or it won’t work. Lastly check and terminate any running Lookout services.

It seems somehow Lookout was the issue.