[CMS 3.5.4003] Mobile Security Notifications

Since the last update, CMS is now showing an additional two entries in the notification area. These being:-

“Real Time Protection” and “Real Time SD card Protection active”

As well as the default “SECURE” alert, these are taking up a huge amount of space in the notification area (over 50%). Couldn’t the original notification be setup to show the status of CMS via a colour coded icon (green = all enabled, orange = some disabled and red, all disabled). Just a thought :-La.


Unchecking “Show System Notifications” in Settings removes the “SECURE” notification which helps but why were the other two notifications added in 3.5.4003?



We updated our app to Android SDK 26 to support Google’s policies. That’s why Android shows every background service with its icon.
But we updated app and you will see only 1 notification if you enabled Real-time protection. And this update will be online soon.

Thank you for your valuable feedbacks.

Thanks for the update gokhang, much appreciated :-TU.