[CMS 3.0 BETA] Safe List Bug - RESOLVED


Nothing is listed under Safe List. Just a tick and white space below (see screenshot). Maybe you are aware of this (being beta) but just thought I would mention.


Phone: Huawei Y550-L01 (4.4.4)

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I guess it’s an exclusion list for AV. Since you have not added anything… :slight_smile:

Didn’t look at it that way. Was expecting a list of system and installed apps. I guess you are right. :embarassed:


What is Safe List?
Safe List allow you to decide which app your safe list even CMS detect as Risk!
How Safe List Works:
When CMS detect Risky app it would inform you about this. You will have 3 Option
2)Ignore Once
3)Ignore Permenantly (If you choose this option it will be automaticly save in “Safe List”