CMS_1.5.256740.apk downloaded to my Drop Box

“The file named “ComodoMobileSecurity_1.4_remote_252863_release_market.apk” is the same with the one in Google Play Store” when I did a Search on my Samsung Tablet 10.2 does not exist; however, I was told by CMS to come to the forums to find the file “CMS_1.5.256740.apk” and download it… but to my dismay was not able to find the download.

Fortunately the Comodo Technician that assisted me included the .apk file in the email. I was able to take the file, put it into my Drop Box on my Desktop Computer and pick it up on my Tablet and install it. After adjusting the Blocking and allow the file to be installed it took and now my Tablet is fully secured.

In my opinion, Comodo Mobile Security is far better than any other security program after seeing the comparisons to other security programs.