cmp*.tmp files in temp directory

Since updating from CIS 5.0 to 5.3, I’ve noticed that CIS puts a file in my %TEMP% folder every four hours or so. On my windows XP SP3 computer, the %TEMP% folder is at D:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp. The file names are of the form cmp*.tmp, where “*” is a hex number. I’m using Comodo Firewall 5.3.175888.1227. Message Center is unchecked in the preferences. The contents of each file is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> &#x0a;&#x0a;&#x0a;&#x0a;&#x0a; Join us on Facebook &#x0a;&#x0a; Be a part of the Comodo Revolution! Join us on Facebook to connect with fellow CIS users and get the latest Comodo news

Screenshot of temp folder attached. Anyone else see this?

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I too do see this;
Could you do the following;

If you have Windows XP then remove “C:\Documents and Settings%user%\Application Data\Comodo\Cis\CMC”
If you have Windows 7 or Vista please remove “C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\CMC”

This should help :slight_smile: and then go to start > run > cmd
del /f /s /q %temp%

Hope this helps


Thanks, Jake.

CIS installed those files under “All Users” instead of my account. I’ve deleted the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo\Cis\CMC and everything in it. I’ll let you know if I see any more entries in %temp% after this.

This should help :) and then go to start > run > cmd del /f /s /q %temp%

Well, I don’t want to delete everything in my temp folder just yet. :slight_smile:
Instead, I deleted all the cmp*.tmp files from the temp folder with Windows Explorer.

Thanks for the speedy reply!

Ah; I mis-read your post ( My apologies)

Pleaes report back if they still persist to come back :frowning:



They still come back every four hours or when I reboot, whichever comes first. CIS recreated the CMC folder and its contents. Did removing the CMC folder work for you, Jake?

I’m going to try this old trick: create a readonly file named CMC at that location. Perhaps that will foil this new bug in CIS 5.3.

A possible solution from a possibly related topic:

That didn’t work. I’m still getting those files in my temp folder.

Thanks, Eric. Jake already suggested removing the CMC folder, but that didn’t stop the creation of the cmc*.tmp files in my temp folder every four hours or so. It’s a very minor irritation, but I’m glad to hear an update with a fix is planned.

By the way, on my computer the folder is in “C:\Documents and Settings[b]All Users[/b]\Application Data\Comodo\Cis\CMC”, not my personal one.