CMF not active after reboot

I have noticed after i turn off or rebooted my pc the CMF is not active! i have let it sit for a long time just to see if it wold say it’s active but it never did. so my question is why does CMF not start after a reboot or from a fresh power up and some times from stand by… CMF has been doing this kind of thing for a long time and i have done reinstalls and all the normal things one would think of doing. so if anyone was a clue or the cure for this please post what steeps to preform. it’s not doing any harm or interfering with none of the programs and is working as long as i open it up and check it. if it’s not running i have to exit out and restart CMF but this is getting to be very alarming and it’s doing me no good to have it installed if i have to keep checking it and make sure it’s running.

Can you tell us which version of CMF you are running? Some people have had simular issues here:

Have you tried manually running it? Did you Update from a previous version?


are you sure it’s not running? maybe it’s just missing systray icon?
i had this issue (missing icon) several times, but CMF is still running (i used BOtester to trigger CMF alarm)

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Thank you! I too have an ongoing missing tray icon, and must intermittently check task mngr to look for cmf.exe.

Usually it is running (it does in fact start w/Win) do you check this as well Frosty?

Hi Eric i’m using CMF i did not update from another version i’m not missing the tray icon. if i have to restart CMF there is nothing in task manager about CMF until i restart it and than there is cmf.exe

That’s strange. I’ve never had a problem with it myself. I’ve heard. Keep an eye on the board I’ve previously mentioned. I’m sure there’s a solution out there, I just don’t have the answer at the moment.



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