CMF development

just a question: will finally, as i think it should, CMF be discontinued as a separate software and integrate CFP 3? (I remember BO protection was once implemented in a beta version of CFP 2.4, and then abandoned.)

From what I understand from other posts. CMF will remain as a stand alone program AND will also be integrated into the firewall at some stage.


Kinda strange - CMF uses more memory than CFP :THNK

CMF - average 8 mb RAM
CFP - average 6 MB RAM

Both processes included? cpf.exe and cmdagent.exe

Yep. Most of the time CFP uses only 4 mb.

Hope CMF will be integrated into CFP soon once CMF have been tied and tested to be stable enough (:KWL)

Strange… On my machine: cmf.exe average 1.5-2 mb RAM

Well you probably look trought the Task Manager. :SMLR I don’t think it’s very accurate. On the Task Manager CMF takes 1.6 Mb (:WIN)

It’s probably the same old trick report from the Task Manager if you minimize a program it lowers the memory used. This works for about 97% of all programs.

Can you please advice some accurate utility to measure RAM usage?

There are a lot of tools. Personaly I use ProcX from Ghost Security, because it’s small (only 55kb), doesn’t require installation and clearly shows which programs are connected to the internet.


Personally I use Process Explorer to do this as I use it to monitor most all system activity. You can find it at Process Explorer - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn



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