CMF conflicts with Game protections

Everytime i finish the instalation of a game and im refering to original games, i get an anouncement about some buffer overflow related to explorer process.Gears of War ,BF2 ,BF 2142(safedisc protection if im not mistaken tough it happened with the starforce games like Call of Juarez) or whatever protected game generates at the end of thei nstallation this buffer overflow.If i block the explorer overflow, my computer gets f… up every time,so i need to just stop from the taskbar CMF ,to avoid messing my computer up due to this ■■■■■■ disc protections.This being the only times where this CMF reacts i had to uninstall it.
Is it a false positive or indeed this protections ,that behave like rootkits ,are able to generate buffer overflows?

I myself play bf2 religiously, I did a friesh reinstall the other day ( Because I was modding ) And I did not get a BO at all, I’ve never had.

Would putting them into an exclusion list do anything?

I forgot to mention the system configuration where i got this popups.I got this new system with XP SP 2/SP3 (happens in both) consisting in MSI K9A2 Platinum /AMD 6400+X2/2GDDR 2 GEIL/WD 5000AAKS(SATA 2 500Gb)/Nvidia 8800GT 512/X fi Xtreme Music/LG DVD RAM PATA.
Yesterday i installed Medieval 2 Gold Edition(Total War + Kingdoms)/SEGA, again same problems.Whats intersting that alowing it when the pop up appears seem to be less efective than just shuting down the CMF from the task bar.This Medieval 2 game generated this BO on the VIA rig(from my signature) and on the new rig ,while BF 2 did not do this problem in the VIA KT333 system .It may be driver related.
It may be possible that the MOBO chipset drivers to have something to do with this issue,not sure thou maybe the IDE /SATA AMD /ATI ones.
In the latest mobo driver package it seems that the AMD/ATI IDE drivers were removed(unfotunatelly i cant test this drivers right now) .In my configuration the LG DVD RAM is PATA while the WD HardDrive is runing in IDE emulation mode conected on the SATA ports of the SB 600 southbridge.

I just got it when I was uninstalling a game. Is that a bug?

Possibly, could you please provide more info?

I got an alert from explorer.exe too during a recent uninstallation, I just clicked the “don’t do anything” option.