Cmf causes new java update (version 6 update 7) to hang

Took me all day to find the reason for my java not updating properly.Then i found out it was a conflict between cmf and the update.Had to uninstall cmf to update my java properly.As far as i can see cmf causes zipper.exe to crash.I coulnt find the zipper .exe file on my pc so it must just be in the update so i coulnt try to make it an exclusion.

Hi batrico

You could try putting Java update exe’s in the excluder of CMF. I think they are jucheck.exe, jureg.exe, and jusched.exe.


Hi. Everything is ok here with the java. Can you please send more detailed report ? OS version, software installed

Yes, I can confirm it. CMF has somehow problems with java.exe and causes it to hang.

Will also confirm as well.
By chance I had already read this thread and knew where to look for help (well I hope there is some help)


Exclude java.exe seems to work