CMF causes mcbuilder.exe to hog 50% of CPU resources

I have experienced the process mcbuilder.exe hogging nearly 50% of the CPU resources of an Intel dual-core processor. I can elmininate mcbuilder.exe from doing this by uninstalling CMF. Mcbuilder.exe doesn’t appear in Resource Monitor\CPU after uninstalling CMF. After I reinstall CMF, it only takes several minutes and mcbuilder.exe is showing up again in Resource Monitor\CPU and hogging half the CPU resources again. Has anyone come up with a solution for this, other than permanently uninstalling CMF? Another person on the CIS thread says that they had this same problem, but solved it by uninstalling BOClean. I don’t know for sure which Comodo program causes this high CPU usage from mcbuilder.exe, but based on my uninstalling and resinstalling CMF, it seems like this is the Comodo program that causes mcbuilder to run and to hog CPU resources. The Vista Resource Monitor refers to mcbuilder.exe as a ‘Resource cache builder tool’. I think mc stands for memory cache, which indicates to me that it probably has something to do with the Comodo Memory Firewall running. I wonder if any of the Comodo devs are aware of this and are going to address it?

I haven’t taken the time to learn much about CMF, but I think I may have already solved my problem. I have added mcbuilder.exe to the exclusion list and now it is not even listed in Resource Monitor\CPU and the CPU resources are not being hogged.

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