CMF and CIS/CFP issue

If you (the moderators) find this is not the appropriate place to have this thread, please, move it to the proper place. I am writing it here, as I really don’t know if I should place it here, at the bug thread for CIS or CMF.


So, it is know that some people (at the least the ones using CMF) were/are having issues with CMF and cmd.exe. I know I did. In my case, I just couldn’t close cmd.exe by typing “exit” (without the quotes). I had, either, to manual close it (in the x mark) or to add cmd.exe to CMF exclusion list.

I don’t have that issue anymore, as I am using CIS and SafeSurf. But, I did notice that, when I first had CMF and CFP, and then upgraded to CIS (without SafeSurf and CIS with default settings), that I could close cmd.exe by typing “exit”, without having cmd.exe in CMF’s exclusion list. But as soon as I set CIS to Proactive Security and Safe Mode, I no longer could.

I think that somehow, when we set D+ to a higher protection, it will conflict with CMF, and somehow, with cmd.exe.

I don’t know if it is also related or not, but, there are some situations, when I install software that use Microsoft installer, that the install won’t proceed unless I terminate one the sub-installers from that installation.

Could CMF and D+ (with higher settings) be conflicting with it, as well?

Maybe someone could try to reproduce it?


Best regards

P.S: I know it is a little late to report this, but I just remembered it, and better late than ever, right? :slight_smile:

Also, if you don’t understand very well what I reported, please, let me know, and I’ll try to explain my self better.

Hi, DarkButterfly:

weird. maybe another OS… (see my sig)

I use CIS and CMF with “high” settings and never had this issue. always could close cmd typing “exit”. my excluions list in CMF is empty.