CMF released

Today on 24th Jan, 2008 we have made CMF updates live which fix Vista licensing issue.

Update is a two step process, in first step patch will be downloaded and cmfupdat.exe will be replaced and in 2nd step, updates will be downloaded. It is being done b’caz of nature of updates which updater out there could not handle, so we have updated updater first and then you can run updater to get latest updates.

Just to let you all know that from this version onwards service applications (cmfs32.exe and cmfs64.exe) won’t be running.


I got the two-stage update this morning; it (they?) are installed and running smoothly [winXPSP2 HE]. I have not yet checked if any of the incompatibilities that I have seen are fixed, but will do so shortly. However, I have a question about the no-longer-running service cmfs32.exe: does this ever start? If not, should it (can it) be removed?

Services won’t even start. Although they will be present in installation folder. When you uninstall, these files will be removed.



when checking for updates I started the first update process.

rebooted and did another check for update.

Reports that there are updates available, after download I get the error message “Unable to copy file: cmfupdat.exe”

Clicking “About” my version seems to be

I assume this is not normal?


yes, this is not normal.
Can you please tell me you updated from or ?


I upgraded from


Let me send you personal message to sort this out.

I upgraded without any problems :slight_smile:


Please, where can I find the new version?

I see that in your download page appears only the old

Thank you. :slight_smile:

It will be available shortly through COMODO Memory Firewall site.


Hi everybody,

I updated from without any problems, too (XP SP2 X86).
First of all i would like to confirm that issue with balloon tip on every windows startup is resolved, at least for me. That’s great!

I noticed that CMF has new driver from this release (cmfd.sys). It is designed to replace service cmfs32.exe?

Thanks Comodo team for the new release! (L)

Yes, drivers have been updated.
There is a new architecture in place which doesn’t require services any more.

Thank you for reply. Good to know CMF now is more powerful than before :slight_smile:

Hello friends! :slight_smile:

Any news about where can we download the new version?

I am eager to see the new version, and to solve the bugs I have found in the previous version. :BNC

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Else, run the updates for CMF twice and it’ll be updated :wink:

But, how can I do this?

If I try to click on the “update” button inside the application, my machine is restarted. And, at CMF website, I see that only the version is available.

How can I do this?

Thank you again for your help. :slight_smile:

Interesting story! I had my machine restarted when i clicked to update for the first time, too. I was sure it was a power failure, but then i saw your post…

But the second time i pressed “update” just after machine was rebooted, it was ok and update done all the job. Strange…


Really interesting case. :slight_smile:

With me, in the majority of the times when I click on the “update” button the machine is restarted. I also have reported it on the “bug report” topic, and it seems to be a bug.

The restarts also occurs with me if I leave the option to automatically search for updates enabled.

But, someone know if is there some place where can we download the new version? :BNC

Regards. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, (:SAD) but I’ll wait till the new version appears on site :SMLR

Thanks for the update …no more annoying balloon everytime i boot up.

keep up the great work. (:CLP)