cmdmon.sys ? [Resolved]

I just today I downloaded Comodo and so far I love it. But I do have a question. Is cmdmon.sys a hidden part of Comodo? I found it with IceSword.

I found out myself. It is part of Comodo :■■■■

Man, you’re two out of three so far, for solving your own problems! (:CLP)

What’s Comodo to do? What are all the Mods and other helpful users to do? ;D

You’re definitely on a roll… Just to let you know, CAVS Beta has a hal.dll issue that’s been very difficult for Comodo to duplicate and track down, in order to resolve it… Perhaps you’d like to solve that real quick? If you have a spare post or two… (:WIN)


I’ll go ahead and mark this one “Resolved” too. :smiley: