cmdguard (CFP Alpha Firewall Sandbox Driver) & 2 BSOD's

Hi y’all

I just had 3 successive BSOD’s caused by the cmdguard.sys driver, which like I said above, is Comodo Firewall Sandbox Drive.
They both happened on exactly the same page, doing exactly the same thing…all 3 times, but the odd thing is what the pages were and what I did that initiated the BSOD’s (Page Fault in Non Paged Area)

On Google Maps, looking at Bloomington California, and using the mouse scroll wheel to pan out (back) the view, it BSOD’s on exactly the 2nd mouse wheel click…everytime.
All Crash dumps show cmdguard.sys as the Faulting Bucket, with an Exception code of:
0x50 (0x00000050)

Now I know it’s not likely that others will have this happen if they do the same as I described above, that would be down right weird, but I have to wonder why it crashes on me at exactly that point on that page, when doing it on a Google map page for Carson California has no effect.
What’s wrong with Bloomington CA…? Is it a bad place or what… (:WIN)

Anyway, if a CFP developer wants the crash minidump files to go over, just lemme know and I can ship em off to you.


An update today.

I’ve had this happen 4 more times now, same module “cmdguard.sys” and it’s always while I’m in Google Maps for some reason. It pretty much happens almosy everytime now, as I’m panning out or in on a map view.
It’s causing the same 0x050 “Page Fault In Non Paged Area” BSOD.

Has anyone else tried to duplicate this yet? Mine happened while viewing Bloomington CA and Saint Paul MN. I’m tracking a shipment and was curious as to why it passed me by, and now has to backtrack to where I is. No matter there but I’d appreciate a few others trying to diddle around in Google Maps to see if you can generate a BSOD also. This would go along way in telling me what may be going on if someone else can duplicate these events.


Well, I guess nobody else is interested in trying Google Maps to see if causes a BSOD for them too eh…
I’t pretty much always for me now, only Google Maps, and always cmdguard.sys as the faulting module. I tried Mapquest just to see what happens but it works fine, so something in the way Google Maps interacts with Comodo cmdguard.sys module, causes my Vista install to barf and BSOD all over itself.
Easy enough to recover from, it’s not a really fatal crash, after a restart everything is normal. I really would like to hear from anyone else who might want to go fiddl with Google Maps and let me know what happens for you, I’d like to know if it’s “syatem specific” or a problem in the way the 2 interact.



Just tried it and no problems here. I have used it in the last few weeks with the alpha installed with no problems.

Maybe it could be your video card software interface interacting with the firewall. I remember seeing some trouble with ATI software a while back on here and on another board.


Ive had bsods when surfing and its so random that i really cant tell if its a specific page or anything that does it.After uninstall i still had bsods so i had to reformat.Will now wait for the beta version

Thx for helping guys!

I tried this process at various times with various other things running and in each case it BSOD’d on Google Maps with a Page Fault error listing the same Comodo driver as at fault.
It seemed like it should be reproducable on other machines too, but I guess not.

Let’s see how Beta does!!
I’ll try this with the new Beta build now and post the results.
Until then, Thanx for posting your attempts! It helps me to narrow things down if others tell me what they see when trying this, so it helps everyone in the long run as it could lead to a reproducable bug that can be reported and fixed.
That’s why it’s important to have other folks try things that cause issues on My (other) machines.


I’ll check this w/google maps (wait, is it google maps or google earth?) as soon as I’m back at a Windows machine & v3b.


Hi LM!

How ya doing bud…glad to see you again!

Basically I just opened and clicked on Maps, then entered the city I wanted to find and hit Enter.
As soon as I started to zoom in, or move it around, it would BSOD on me “Page_Fault_in_Non_Paged_Area”. The Event viewer entry was always showing cmdguard.sys as the culprit, which is the Comodo Sandbox driver.

I’m just going to try it with the Beta build now so I’ll let you know what happens. Good to talk to you again LM!


Glad to see you back around; seems you’ve been gone a bit…

I’m at home doing “honey-do’s” tomorrow, so I may not get a chance to try it. But if I get a wild hair and a free moment I’ll boot into Win XP, dl and install v3b here at the casa de lilmac and give that a whirl.


Yah, I’ve been building a new box so I’ve been busy looking for parts, ordering, waiting…and then got it built last Sunday. I’m still waiting for my RAM and a Zalman 9700 CPU cooler to arrive but everything else is in the new case (NZXT Lexa Classic) and is working, and looking, Great!

I just spent the last 20 minutes or so, doing everything I could in Google Maps to try and reproduce my other BSOD’s to no avail, so hopefully that issue has been resolved! This is the same Vista install as before, no changes there as my MoBo & HDD’s just transferred into the new case, so nothing there would have made a difference as it’s basically the same parts in a new case right now.
So far so good tho…BSOD wise…nothing I can do causes it to Barf now, so hopefully this thread will be able to fade into history.