cmdagent still running after i exit comodo

So cmdagent service was being a CPU hog, so I just decided to exit the entire program, but even though Comodo is shut down the service is still running and refuses to be stopped. This is really frustrating, Comodo has for a long time been a major hog of my CPU resources, and now it refuses to leave even when I shut it down. It’s like a virus itself and I’m about to uninstall it unless I can get it under control. How can I shut down cmdagent without uninstalling the program?

Thank you.

Exiting comodo from the tray does not shutdown anything other than the alerts and pop-us from being shown. You can’t stop the core protection service otherwise you effectively disable CIS and make it non-usable. It is better to collect memory dumps of the process using high CPU usage so Comodo can fix the underlying issue that causes it.

A user should be able to choose their level of protection. If they specifically close the program, it means they are temporarily relinquishing the protection, which is their perogative. When a user closes any program he should have the confidence that the program will quit. To have it so that the program appears to close, but is still active in the background–that is the behaviour of malware. A user shouldn’t have to completely uninstall a program just to prevent it from running.

I needed my CPU cycles immediately, and the only way I could do this was to uninstall, since there was no option to actually close the program. Now that I understand that Comodo doesn’t value user agency and a user’s right to choose whether a program is actually running, I don’t see any reason to reinstall it, even if it does fix the problem of high CPU usage.

Please bear in mind, if there would be such an option to completely quit Comodo from running than malware could utilize this method to attack the system.

No problem, have a 2 factor ID system in place to quit the program. “Want to quit? Just enter this code we texted you.” Don’t just join the ranks of malware by having a program that cannot be terminated. That’s so sketchy and really disrespectful to the end user.

Hi PistolSlap,

Sorry for the trouble. High CPU usage could be due to the software’s that has been installed on your machine to which Comodo will react accordingly. Please check with current CIS

If you still have this high CPU usage issue, then we can reach you through PM to collect your performance logs to analyze the issue.

If you would like to exit Comodo without uninstalling, then you will need to disable the folder protection option. We can provide you the way to do this, but it’s not recommended.

I too would be interested in knowing how to turn the folder protection off in case that I ever need it in the future.

Could anyone explain how this disable folder protection is done?