cmdagent high memory usage


The last couple of days I’ve noticed my tablet running very slowly after logon (to the point where it almost freezes). Having checked memory usage, it seems cmdagent and service (see screenshot) are using all available memory (1GB). Once CIS has updated (which can take around 5 mins) memory usage goes back to normal. Does anyone else have this problem? If not, is there anything I can do to prevent this?


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I’ve not seen this on Vista using Process Explorer. Was there heavy network activity (either in throughput or connections) shortly before this or anything else that might explain cmdagent.exe’s memory consumption? Any AV scans done using CIS? Had you noticed cmdagent.exe consuming CPU cycles? (Process Explorer might help spot this).

I’ve got the same problem, I have to wait until update has finished, as high memory use by cmdagent (up to 600M) slows PC to a standstill.
I’ve reinstalled CIS without any effect.

At Graham1. The amount of memory used by cmdagent is normal when updating. I have no idea why services.exe is so high on VM. Do you use Comodo System Cleaner v2?

At Enoch. Please start your own topic. This way your problem will get all the attention it deserves and will keep this topic on one track instead of going on several tracks.

Hi kail

This occurs straight after logon so it’s hard to tell wheather it’s throughput or connections. I’ll check (if I can) when it happens next. No automatic scans done by CIS. I’ll investigate further using Process Explorer but it’s strange why it’s started doing this all of a sudden. Have even re-installed CIS (like Enoch) but made no difference.


Are you sure memory usuage is normal? ???. Cmdagent.exe and services alone are using up my whole 1GB, hence OS is unable to cope with any other tasks untill updating has finished :'(. Yes, I do have SCS2 installed.


After my Vista computer which has 3 GB of RAM logs on cmdagnet.exe is running for about 65 MB of RAM and then when the Comodo AV updates there is a brief increase of 200 MB of RAM usage which subsides after a few seconds with about 30 MB of memory leak which the program eventually gives up after a few minutes which is much better than the PC Tools AV that I had before Comodo which constantly consumed a minimum of 220 MB of RAM and much much more when scanning!



This seems to be an issue with the driver CSC uses, please see the last few pages of this thread:

Services.exe at 30% CPU and high memory usage