cmdagent.exe uses a lot of CPU

I am using utorrent as my bittorrent client and I noticed that when I use it that cmdagent.exe can use a lot of CPU. Is there any way I can limit this. I have defined utorrent as a trusted application. Are there any other steps I can take? Thanks.

I too have the same problem now. I am looking forward to this thread. I actually posted a similar problem earlier and got a remedy too but it has not worked as of now. The remedy what I got was to disable the option " Do Protocol Analysis" in Miscellaneous in “Advanced attack Detection and Prevention”. Now this also doesn’t seem to work. Some one please help. Now there are 2 of us.

At the bottom of the list:,894.0.html

Protocol analysis should have very little effect on cmdagent.exe. If anything, it’s either monitor dll injections or monitor ole automation.

So what do we do to avoid this? Is there anything else we should do?

If you prefer to keep CPF’s ABA active, you can try reducing the no. of connections for µtorrent.

Max half open connections - default is 8, which should be fine. However if you increased it previously, try reducing it. Note Win Xp’s limitd at 10 connections unless you patch it.
Reduction in max global connections, peers per torrent & upload slots should all have a noticeable improvement.
All these changes will lead to longer download times, especially if you are running alot of active torrents.

Note: These are fixes that I came up with just few days ago, they may not work for everyone. If there’s any other solutions do post them, I’ll be glad to test them out :slight_smile: