!!!!!!!cmdagent.exe taking up too much memory please help !!!!!!!

cmdagent.exe is taking up a lot of memory. my computer has gone slow its almost unusable.

can someone please help i heard cmdagent is part of comodo firewall but i only installed av in cis

if someone cant help me i will have to uninstall :cry:

Are you using the AV as part of the suite? When it is updating it will consume roughly around 200 MB with incidental peaks up to appox 240 MB.

How much is cmdagent using and under what circumstances? What version of CIS are you using?

thanks eric for looking at my post,

cmdagent uses 90,000k - 131,801k memory usage when virus database is being updated goes higher when the antivirus is being updated, normal use 60,000k - 80,000k

product version: 3.13.125662.579

Your memory usage for updating the av database is normal; heck below normal. When cmdagent is idle it’s memory use is below 10 MB. When it scans stuff its use is in the same realm as yours.

Nothing to worry about. Usage looks normal.

dear, eric

thanks is there an way i can shut of cmdagent like in

and my comp keeps freezing firefox takes 60,000k and cmdagent takes 65,000k

That topic is for the Comodo 2.4 and as such no longer relavant.

There is or was a memory leak problem with FF couple of months ago which would bring system performance to its knees.

With the current CIS 3.13 I do notice on my older hardware, see my signature, that the av update process seriously interferes with performance, but that is with CPU performance. As stated the memory usage by cmdagent in your system is fine. I think looking at memory figures is the wrong way of getting to grips with the described problems.

When your computer is getting slow can you see what process is eating the CPU? Can you also see if CIS is updating the av database (you can check by starting the av updater)?