cmdagent.exe stays at 8% cpu

Hello everyone

I noticed on TWO computers that Comodo Firewall cmdagent.exe eats 8% cpu when do nothing. Not all the time, but after some time using computer. Sometimes it works good all the time, sometimes it stuck at 8% and only restart fixes that.

  1. I search forum for answers and most of people, when have problem with high cpu usage, have higher percentage. But that may be because…
  2. …on both computers I tested I have 6c/12t processors (one i7-8700k and second r5 3600). So 100% / 12 threads is about 8% - that may be some clue.
  3. I’m experienced user, so I uninstalled and removed ANY traces of Comodo before second try, using uninstaller, additional dedicated uninstaller and advanced registry editor - just to be sure there was no leftovers.
  4. Problem is with v12.2.2.7036. On one of these two computers I revert to and that seems to be last version where problem not exists. Still - wanted to use latest version.
  5. I do NOT use any extra protection, I want only firewall, so I’m using:
  • Active only Firewall
  • Custom ruleset (with high frequency alerts)
  • HIPS disabled
  • Auto-Containment disabled
  • Cloud lookup disabled (File Rating disabled)
  • VirusScope disabled
  • ScriptAnalysis disabled
  • Website Filtering disabled.

So not even full protection is installed, nothing is check in background, no AV scanning, not even automatic detection of firewall actions - just plain firewall with user interaction if ANY program wants to establish any connection (both in or out).

This is important, because some advices says that scanning or other HIPS actions may slow down Comodo Firewall or increase usage of Comodo process. This is not the case.

Both computers have completely different configuration, so this is not a hardware issue.

I expect some specialist here can answer me about that (not so easy to reproduce) problem. Do I must stay with older version that works? Or maybe when I described which is last working version, someone discovers what (bad) changes was made after that and fix the problem?

I don’t want to “try” various standard advices like “reinstall xxx”, “clean install system” etc. I expect someone can answer me who knows what is going on, why and how to fix that bug without guessing.

Thank you and I hope I described my problem good enough.

Comodo internet security now have telemetry, it is normal;
when disable modules, cis collect data the settings active, disable… for example;
here it is not happen, except when i disable one or more modules…

Sorry, but what telemetry? Telemetry may collect data and send that data to Comodo, but I never heard about telemetry that uses cpu for hour or more.
Any program that sends statistics made it as small as possible, because collects thousand of user’s data. Show me one example of telemetry that constantly uses cpu.

I don’t believe it’s telemetry. It happens from time to time and it’s just a bug.

Yes, telemetry use cpu, hard disk… for example. It happen becouse da collect the data, see…
when disabled one or more modules, CIS collect data for check if is error, incident security or action users (it is normal all others companies security collect that type data);

NOTE: Sorry, you not shared any print, vídeo or files… So i try understand your problem with base in my experience.

sorry my english!

Sorry, but I know how to use Procmon and check what is going on. And really - nothing is going on, except that freezing constant 8% SOMETIMES.

I can’t understand that trend of seeking all problems on user’s side. I saw so many times people complain about some software that evidently works bad, freezes or crashes for thousand of users and instead of fixing bug people gets advices like fresh install, uninstall/reinstall or all type of magical “try and check”. If there is bug in program (and can be, because all programs has some bugs) then all that actions or even explanations have no sense. People reports bugs and the only valid solution is to fix that bug. There is no user action that can fix the bugs in the code.

Just some random thoughts- CIS will scan PC according to schedule. Check if that might be it. Also, I’ve noticed dump files that were pretty large. I don’t know how long it takes Comodo to create one of these files but maybe something to look into. You can also do diagnostics and send the report in.

Problem is that I’m using CIS without really “security” part - just Firewall. I used installer for install just firewall (which is still possible and available). So I don’t think firewall has any scheduling scan option, only AV has. As I said - I have disabled all scans. And earlier version of firewall, configured THE SAME way, works good. If something works good and then works bad in new version - it’s clear not user fault or some magic background activity. My version is not that much older so I think all that dump files was still there, but somehow CPU usage is 0% when idle.

I have the same issue with version 7036 on a clean installation of Windows 10. The process always use 10% of the CPU

Please check with thanks.