CMDagent.exe .. pure resource hog

Not long back reported here that Nod32 was reporting cfp.exe as unknown virus … next day, Comodo updates … no more hassles with Nod.

Not long after, maybe two days, Comodo does another update …but this time, upgrade of some kind … hefty at that … took some time & needed a reboot of course.

Ever since then, just as some other forum readers here mention, cmdagent.exe … every time I touch my Firefox icon (to open browser) … just goes crazy. On this 4.2 Intel with a gig of memory & with xp (home) sp3, which I’ve had a while now … nothing like this has ever happened before.

cmdagent.exe, after touching browser icon, immediately uses about ninety two or more percent of CPU … & memory soon starts vanishing … browser doesn’t open for oh, three or four minutes … everything is so slow, nothing at all works … can’t open programs … nothing … dead machine really. Finally, browser opens really show & works really slow … CPU usage is still sky-high … stays that way for quite a long time … normally more then ten minutes … can write here … but using slider on sidebar to the right totally makes this page look like segments of a puzzle … so VGA perfomance is pathetic too. When I pressed the browser icon, say ah … ten minutes back now … had over eight hundred mb free memory … CPU’s fluctuating at sixty five percent used … & now down to just over six hundred megs of memory … still falling. Opened no other prorgrams since hitting browser icon, so no load from other things running that weren’t running before all this. An using uTorrent to upload … but before touching browser icon, it worked or works as it always has … perfectly … so no extra load there.

Hmmm … looks like time to consider shopping for another firewall … never got the Comodo email proggie to work (support said points heard & will mention or handle in next release of that … no news since … that was months back) … Might wait a day or so to see if comodo does any update to fix this latest issue … if not, time to toss it I think.

And as usual, I’ll close the browser pretty soon … can’t do much else with it … which means once it’s closed … be waiting a while, maybe five to ten minutes for cmdagent to settle down again & give me some puting power back … then it’d be bedtime. Ah … might even go back to paying zonelabs … never saw anything like this when I was using them … even their full suite.

What happened Comodo? You were good initially.