cmdagent.exe hogging the processor

Hi guys,

after reading reviews of Comodo I removed zonelarm and installed comodo.
However, i’m having problems with the cmdagent.exe hogging processor resources.
It is running at sometimes 80-90% and averaged around 60-70%.

It got to the point I rebooted.
Is there a conflict with Nero 6 perhaps. It went like this after starting it up and wasn’t resolved by closing Nero. I never had this problem with ZA and the the only thing that has changed is the installation of Comodo suggesting, it, is the culprit.

Has anyone come across this? is there a patch / bug fix?
Other than this I’ve been quite impressed by Comodo but feel the pain of the resource hogging is not worth the gain I may have made by switching from ZA.

Any thoughts?
Please advise before I lose my tether with the new firewall

Thanks in advance,

Try to reinstall the firewall. Does the problem still exists?

ps. on my system it does this during the updates of p-eerguardian


I used Comodo last year and ended up removing it and going back to ZA due to the problem with cmdagent using too much processing power…50-60% upwards and slowing my machine and not being offered a solution other than it’s not comodo it’s a virus. I knew for a fact it was not a virus and teh issue stopped once I removed Comodo

I have now went back to Comodo firewall and now the same issue has happened again. The only way to clear it is it reboot. I was hoping this issue would have been resolved by now as that was over 12 months ago

Is there a fix to this you can suggest?

It is definitly comodo which is causing the problem and not a virus etc as I have ran checks and it has only happened since comodo was back on the nachine


I’ve been watching it now for a while and it seems to happen when using a p2p app like utorrent.
Probably related to using p2p sites perhaps and the downloading

It’s a serious flaw to be honest and is a showstopper for any firewall…
Is there a configuration fix to the firewall

I;ve tried uninstalling - reinstalling and it still persists

I am having the same issue. Comodo is using around 70% of my cpu resources. I’m not using any P2P programs just simply surfing the net and reading email.

I really don’t want to go back to ZA but may have no choice if there isn’t a fix for this.

I raiseda ticket which pointed me to these posts. the ticvket was answered very quickly. However I have to questoion why Comodo have not fixxed this issue ina release as it’s been an issue for well over 12 months as far as I can see. Surely this is an issue which their developers can address. Anyone from Comodo wish to explain this lack of action…

People have found that if you switch off the ‘DLL injection’ monitor found in advanced/ Application behaviour monitor this helps. Also leave component monitor in learning mode. Seems like an obvious bug to fix if users need to disable functionality and leave in learning mode to get the app to work propoerly

BTW has anyone found this to be anissue in teh new Beta version?

Anyway here is the response with corresponding links…

Thanks for the mail,

Please use the below link regarding the issue.

Use our forums through the below link, BETA products are supported via the forum only.You can register and raise your issues directly,

Should have any queries donot hesitate to write to us.

Technical Support


Ticket Details

Ticket ID: III-384220

Department: PC Security Software
Priority: Default

Status: Closed

Would you mind logging back on to Support, clicking on that Ticket and replying to it?

If you are willing to do so, please inform Karl (or whomever - and very respectfully, of course… :wink: ) that CFP v2.4 is NOT a Beta product, and that you have already been in the forums. Please let them know that a Moderator from the forums requested that you do so.



Cheers LM I will do
I’ll post responses and hopefully solutions also


This is an ironic turnaround (more like runaround) because I participated in those threads from above, one of which another user filed a support ticket on.

The good news is that I don’t think this problem has emerged in v3 alpha.