cmdagent.exe hogging resources

Maybe every 4th or 5th time I switch my WinXP SP2 PC on, Comodo’s cmdagent.exe slows the it down to a snail’s pace. I can see this from Windows Task Manager/Processes.

Why is it doing this, and is there a remedy? If not, Comodo may be uninstalled, which I don’t really want to do because it’s seems very good…apart from the cmdagent issue.



Hi, (:WAV)

I’ve been using comodo for a few days now, and I must say: (R)
There is only one thing that makes me (:AGY)
When no connection to the internet, cmdagent.exe goes near 70-100% CPU
I found out, that skype caused this. (As they write in the forum it often happens with P2P)
Afterwards I found out, after reading on the forum, that while surfing on the internet, cmdagent.exe reaches about 30-50% CPU while downloading a website.
Disabling “Monitor DLL injections” did work, but seems to be a bad solution.
Now you might ask: “What is the point according to the subject?”
Well, I found out, that checking “Skip advanced security checks” for firefox and skype, also solves the problem.

The big question is: What is the risk to skip these checks?
What do I disable?
Would it be with a high risk, to “skip advanced security checks” for skype?
What about firefox?

I guess it is better than disable “Monitor DLL injections”, right?

What would you suggest?

Is this fixed in comodo 3? When will it be released? :THNK

It shouldn’t take much of resources like other ones, like ZA. How much RAM you got? And what speed does your CPU have? And you say that you can see it taking up much resources through the task manager. I checked myself and what I see is, it takes 8660 kB and 0% of my CPU. If it only happens every 4th or 5th time I must say it’s strange, which means there shouldn’t be any wrong with your RAM, CPU or cooling equipment.

Thanks for the response Ragwing. I agree, Comodo shouldn’t take much resources but occassionaly it does, big time.

I’ve got a 2.6 Athlon XP, 1.5 GB Ram, Radeon 9800 Pro…old’ish kit, but still capable for most things, even Premiere Pro editing.

I dumped the all-invasive Norton and the like many moons ago, and now use Win Defender, Comodo, AVG 7.5, SuperAntiSpyware, Ad-Aware, Spyhunter, CCleaner and ‘Common Sense’, and these all seem to work happily together.

I’m still using AOL(9) 'cause it works and I know how to fix it on the few occassions it misbehaves.

I did Google this issue before posting here and although there were many results for ‘cmdagent.exe’ using up a large amount of Processor time, there didn’t seem to be any common thread to the solutions.

Well, I’ve rebooted my PC and the issue has gone away, for now.

I asked the same question long ago, but I don’t have the incentive to search my old post. MDI is a global setting, whereas skip advance security checks is based on which application monitor rule you have. It’s a trade-off. So far I don’t think any one has reported cmdagent consuming cpu in v3 alpha.

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Soya, thanks for the comments. I’m using Version CADb Version 3.0.

I’ve now read the related Forum postings but am still looking for a simple, single answer to stop the CPU hogging.

My instinct is that there is ‘something not right’ with the Comodo software, and this is causing a significant number of users to experience high CPU usage for apparently different reasons.

My problem, when it comes to software issues, is that I’m lazy ie I will always try to find the solution that gives me least grief…and in the past this has been to uninstall the software and try some other’s brand. I’d really like to keep Comodo (not least since it’s free and apparently effective) but it’s running out of lives I’m afraid.

Soya’s more the expert on the resource issues than I am (since he’s experienced it and worked through a lot of it).

There are some key repeating issues that seem to crop up:

Logging (there are changes that can be done easily enough with that)
Protocol Analysis (this can be turned off)
and possibly conflict with other applications.

This last one is something I’m wondering about to some extent. Are you using the free or paid version of SAS? I know even the free hooks into all active applications; this type of behavior could cause a lot of read/write activity by CFP’s logging as it monitors applications for connectivity issues.

IF logging is your issue, there are some free utilities by SysInternals that will allow you to see where the activity is occurring - FileMonitor, ProcessMonitor, etc. Heh! If you want to dig into it, that is… :wink:

You might try disabling (one at a time) active applications and run for a little while, to see if that changes anything.

Also, be sure to file a ticket with Support:


PS: I have not yet seen any reports of high CPU usage on v3, and it’s still only an early Alpha. Looking good from that standpoint…

If disabling Monitor Dll Injections doesn’t work, try disabling Monitor OLE (both options are in the Application Behavorial Analysis module). And if that doesn’t work and what LM said applies, it could be that you have more than one firewall installed (not likely but just making sure here).