cmdagent.exe high CPU load


I am running CPF version and I’m having this problem a lot of times. Cmdagent.exe causing a high CPU load for no particular reason (no p2p software just Opera running). It really slows down my PC.

Any ideas why?

Quite a few others have experienced the same problem as you (if you search the forums you should find some existing topics on this). I’ve, personally, not managed to replicate any high CPU usage with cmdagent.exe (don’t worry, that means zip). Since some get this & some don’t (I currently believe, the majority don’t), then it’s my guess that a 3rd component is involved. Maybe, something is conflicting.

(I searched for cmdagent but didn’t found anything of interest)

Hmm… Could it be AOL’s AVS? Last time I had CPF (previous Windows install) this didn’t happen though AFAIK.

Search for “cmdagent”. Related post.

Hmm... Could it be AOL's AVS? Last time I had CPF (previous Windows install) this didn't happen though AFAIK.

I don’t know. Personally, I would say the best way to approach this is to find things in common between those users who experience this. It’s not the Browser, users using both Firefox & Opera have reported this.

I typed cmdagent on the search box and it seems it only searched on the section I was in (:AGY)

You can lock this then, I’ll dig around the other threads.


I don’t feel there is any need to lock this topic. Sorry, I wasn’t try to say that.

It wasn’t anything like that. I just didn’t want to clutter the forum (:WAV)