cmdagent.exe extremely high RAM usage

Currently experiencing extremely high RAM usage as shown in attached screenshot for Comodo Firewall Free Edition from resource monitor below for cmdagent.exe process. This is also reflected in Comodo KillSwitch tool as well. Note this process does not appear in standard windows task manager as using any RAM at all. Upon terminating the process via Comodo KillSwitch (running in Administrator mode, process cannot be ended from Task Manager or Resource Monitor as expected), RAM usage drops back down to normal levels (for my PC idle RAM usage is around 30, whereas when this process is running overall RAM usage for my PC as a whole is anywhere from 80% to 90%). This behaviour happens in 2 scenarios; immediately from boot or over time in the space of an hour or so (similar behaviour to software with a memory leak).

Does terminating the cmdagent.exe process prevent the firewall from operating? Just out of interest.

I have tried running the install repair option for the Firewall but this made no difference. Software is up to date and software version is

Let me know if I can supply any logs etc.



Hi alextigerw,

Thank you for reporting, Could you please check with latest CIS and let us know if you still have high RAM usage.


Thank you for providing the link. Testing so far shows the issue resolved; RAM usage on boot from all Comodo related processes is minimal. I’ll continue to monitor for 24 hours or so to see if RAM usage starts to creep up again and confirm my findings.

If you don’t hear back from me on this thread after 48 hours, assume I forgot to update and close this thread as resolved. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, can confirm issue is resolved. Thanks again