cmdagent exe consuming processor time

It looks like the combination firefox/comodo has some trouble on my machine. Whenever I’m using firefox and or thunderbird on regular times (refreshes, mail polls etc) cmdagent is sometimes consuming more then 50% of the processor resources which sometimes renders my machine useless.
Has anybody experienced something equal?

Running an up to date XP-sp2
Comodo DB version 3.0.
Processor Celeron 2.8Ghz Mem. 1,25Gb

Yes, I have experienced the same thing except I’m using Opera. It’s no fun browsing like this because Opera will freeze for 10-15 seconds while cmdagent.exe does it’s thing. What is it doing I have no idea. The seconds do add up particularly when I’m on the internet hours at a time. I didn’t have any trouble with Comodo before, so I don’t know what’s changed unless it was the update. Anyway, I switched back to ZA 5.5 for now until something can be done about it.

CPU usage has been linked to logging…

Here’s some related links:,5999.0.html,6162.0.html,6433.0.html,6595.0.html,3218.0.html,6347.0.html

I consider one of our Mods, soyabeaner, to be the resident expert on this issue, as he has dealt with it extensively, and come up with some ways around it. If you come across his posts on the subject, you should get some good help.

I believe this will be fixed for the next version, due out for testing in mid-April.


I have read the posts on the logging activity before, but I swear I’ve check my log and there wasn’t that many entries so I assumed that it wasn’t caused by the logging. Just to be sure I’ll give it another try and check again.

Let us know what you find. If it’s something else, we’ll keep digging into it.


;D I certainly hope that’s not your own wishful belief but a fact! Thanks, my pupil, Search Maestro the III. You’ve reached about 60% of my power. I’m only doubtful of this because the ticket response was that they’ll try to investigate, not something like they’ve identified the issue :frowning:

The logging only relates to cpf.exe.
cmdagent.exe is … (sigh). More complicated. Monitor Dll Injections has been the prime culprit. If you disable that option in ABA it might work. These days, it randomly happens to be Monitor OLE for me, but a reboot always fixes it. Very little to no idea why.

(I don’t want to complicate it more because it seems to be indiscreetly related to Component Monitor. In one of Egemen’s posts about CFP saving every 10 minutes – oh wait. Here it is:,4728.msg35532.html#msg35532. This may be unrelated but who knows for certain)

On my searching adventure, I found out this issue has existed since August of 2006. 88)

PS: LM, why didn’t you link the 10-paged one :stuck_out_tongue: