Cmdagent.exe bug

I believe I have made several complains about this issue. Cmdagent.exe has a habit of running excessively on startup of Windows Vista and different programs. This often causes a 5-15 seconds delay in opening my programs. It is quite annoying. In fact, it even interferes with the task manager window. I could not do a thing.

It’s not crippling but it is ■■■■ annoying.

Please rid us of this bug asap.

try disabling the Anti-Virus Real-Time Protection, It works for me. (:WAV) But then again, everybody has a different situation with different computer configurations

P.S. I know it’s a bit off subject but in task manager in “Vista” does java.exe hogg the CPU. I have to kill the task(java.exe) everytime I start the computer. It usually pops up after 3 minutes. I remove it with no side effects AND JAVA STILL WORKS
I was wondering if you have the same problem as me, just curios. This is the only problem have with vista. I feel luckier then some other vista users, especially when vista first came out