cmdagent.exe and Executive Undelete

I just installed Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 RC1 to take it for a spin after using the 2.x version for a while and I have Executive Undelete Home Edition 5.0.117 installed and it seems to be fighting with Comodo.
I had a similar problem with Norton, but only because they were both trying to manage the recycle bin and it was like putting a humidifier and de-humidifier in the same room.

My first problem was that the undelete service was causing Defense+ to rack up like 77,000 files at a time for my review, which just buries the GUI so I disabled Defense+ for now…

But more of a problem is cmdagent.exe pegging my CPU while UdServe.exe does its thing when I tell the recycle bin to delete all the files, and it never seems to stop until I reboot. Most likely I’m not waiting long enough and the process is just dragging, because if I use process explorer to watch to see what file handles the process is opening I do see UdServe doing the right thing and deleting it’s cached files. If I take a look at cmdagent.exe I see that it is continuously opening and closing PendingList.txt.

Any ideas?

Hi ChalkTrauma

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You have said you installed the RC1… Well… the final version 3 is now out and is here.

If this is the RC1 that you have then you need to try this one. It’s very, very good.


Thanks John… I’ll give it a go…

Now running, same problem. Even with Network Defense and Proactive Defense set to disable cmdagent.exe is pegging my CPU. Not just my CPU but I/O is also off the chart, even with Comodo shutdown completely ( ie: file->exit ). Right now I’m watching it topped off at 18MB of IO and 40% of my CPUs, without even Comodo running…

Also… cmdagent.exe has opened about 50 outgoing UDP connections to for some reason… And the “waiting for your review” files are up to 9,000 and climbing like crazy… Why do those files increase if I have Proactive Defense disabled?

I had to “Deactivate Defense+ permanently” and restart, now cmdagent.exe is behaving and I can purge in Executive Undelete, which is a shame because it looks like I cant use Defense+ :frowning:

for your problem regarding cmdagent.exe

you could go to the Miscellaneous tab then Settings then choose the Update tab
unclick “Automatically perform an online lookup…”

that should stop it…

Any modifications (delete/update/new) for files under the My Protected files you made will
be put into the Waiting for your review list…if you have done some deletion just hit purge
and it will clear the list of all items that are already removed from your pc…or you could just
highlight them all then hit remove…it will only remove the files from the list not from your pc…

and it would be safe also to tag the software you are using as a trusted application…

hope this helps you…