cmdagent.exe 100 % CPU Usage w/ Firefox 2

Hey everyone, I joined on the Comodo Firewall bandwagon a few months ago and have absolutely loved the thing.

However, only recently there’s been a bit of an issue with cmdagent.exe. I’ve looked up usage leaks before related to this file, and it seems they do happen a fair bit, but for some odd reason, the usage only increases after closing a Firefox session (v. As far as I know, no other program causes this ???

Looked through logs in the program and via Windows also, nothing on that either. A reboot does solve the problem temporarily, but a few bootups later the problem reoccurs.

Just a few details -

O/S - Windows XP SP2 (All up to date)
Comodo Firewall Version -

Thanks a bunch in advance! :slight_smile:


Have you tried making Firefox a web browser under the firewall policy? Do you have Firefox a trusted program under D+?

same problem here.

firefox is set to trusted app in firewall and D+… but when I close firefox the PC becomes unusable.

system: windows xp pro sp3. tested with CPF 3.0.23 and 3.0.25

thank you!

–PS : using internet explorer by now… :-\

Well I have been using Comodo along with Firefox for over 5 months now on 2 pc’s with no troubles what so ever. Firefox after awhile becomes unstable. I have had to uninstall Firefox and reinstall it around 3 times now. But you need to do a complete uninstall of it. Also what plugins are you using. Try disabling your plugins and see what happens. use Firefox in safe mode and see what happens.

yesterday uninstalled firefox and installed again… didn’t work.

today, I’ve uninstalled firefox and cleaned some folders:

documents and settings/“user”/application data/mozilla
documents and settings/“user”/local config/application data/mozilla
documents and settings/all users/application data/mozilla
documents and settings/all users/local config/application data/mozilla

and then installed firefox … worked!!

thank you!

Hi Guys,

I actually recommend you to install Firefox 3.0 RC2

It is the last RC before the shipped & final version off v3. It works very nice!


Josh…your a modder. Not suppose to recommend beta software. LOL. I will wait toll its official. I never like installing anything beta.

You use Microsoft products don’t you Vettetech? (:WIN)

Not unless I have to. (:TNG)

I had the same problem and successfully won it by launching Firefox2 in safe mode (via its “start” menu group) and checking there item resetting all plugins. Then I enabled needed plugins one by one restarting the browser each time and now it works fine. So no reinstalls were necessary. I didn’t found which one actually was causing the problem because I have had many of them.

Just today I ran into this problem where cmdagent.exe eats up about 50% of the CPU on my new Turion 64x2 notebook. Eventually I went into Comodo Firewall Pro, went to the Defense+ section, and clicked View Denfense+ Events. It said that BOC426.exe (Comodo BOClean 4.26) was accessing cmdagent.exe (I have BOClean on my system).

In the previous version of BOClean (version 4.25), it kept hogging my CPU as well, so I then when I saw that v4.26 was accessing cmdagent.exe, I figured it was to blame. In Windows Task Manager, I killed both BOC426.exe and BOClean.exe (even though they didn’t register much CPU usage), and then cmdagent.exe stopped hogging my CPU!

So I think the problem is back with BOClean. Over at:
“misterioso” posted the workaround for the BOClean problem that has worked for me each time BOClean acts up.

So if you have BOClean on your system, kill the task and see if it works for you.

Comodo, PLEASE fix this BOClean CPU hogging issue.