CMDAgent download something without my knowledge/allowance

Today I’ve noticed that cmdagent was downloading a lot of data although I’ve switched off update(90 days reminder) option.
I’ve noticed this because in my country the mobile data is limited and very expensive, and I’ve received a message that I’ve exceeded my mobile data. It downloaded like 200 MB.
I guess it happened for the first time, but can’t be sure.
Is there any way to know what happened and why and most important how to prevent for such actions for future?

Hi davis89,
In case you have not updated AV database for several days, it could be downloading large AV database.
What were your AV update settings?

That could be only possible explanation.


The setting for checking the database was and is unchecked, so I guess it means it should not search & update anything.

Hi davis89,
CIS only downloads program update or database updates, there is nothing else it downloads.

If you could find out file you think was being downloaded, we can understand further.


That’s what I’ve been thinking and that’s why I started this topic.
I wish to know also what was downloaded but it seems almost impossible to find it out.
Anyway it happened for the first time since one year of using Comodo.
I will pay attention to it in the future and will report if same wil happen.
Thank You for Your replies.