cmdagent cpu hogging

Hi there, I am having a problem with cmdagent.exe using 100% cpu and cannot be terminated. At first, I thought PuTTy running had something to do with it as I shut down PuTTy and looked like it fixed the problem. However, I placed PuTTy in the Trusted Files, but cmdagent.exe went back to 100% again even with PuTTy not running.

May be left overs of previously installed security programs are in the way. Please make sure none of them are no longer present.

Try using removal tools for those programs to remove them. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

Okay, since I used to have AVG Internet Security before I decided to switch to COMODO Internet Security, I have just ran the AVG Removal Tool to see if that will fix it.

Now, after restarting my computer, COMODO now thinks its application agent is not running with the yellow exclamation mark. Not sure why it is doing that now, as I ran the AVG Removal Tool and not some COMODO Removal Tool.

Anyway, when I try to have it run diagnostics on that, it comes back with, “The diagnostics utility has found some problems with your installation. Would you like to fix them?” I tell that yes and it throws an error message that says “The diagnostics utility could not fix some of the problems. Would you like to create a diagnostics report?” I have told it to create a diagnostics report, but I am unable to attach it here since attaching an XML to here seems to be blocked for some reason. Here is the contents of the XML though saved as plain TXT though attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I downloaded and renamed the file to an xml file but it literally only shows me Chinese.

What other security programs did you have in the past? Try running removal tools for them just to be sure.

I am not sure why the text to you is showing up as Chinese when it shouldn’t, and it was only AVG that I was running in the past which has already been removed.

Maybe try same settings for Putty as WinSSHD?

Your CIS problem may resolve if you restart CFP - rt click on tray icon, exit, restart CIS from start menu

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Not sure how to do that even though I have Putty currently in Trusted Files under Defense+

I have just did that and now it shows the green shield with check mark saying “All systems are active and running.” looking like that part is corrected.

Putty directory in Trusted files

Putty directory in Buffer Overflow exclusions (image Execution Control)

cmd.exe if required in BO exclusions

Though Eric’s suggestions for this are maybe more likely.

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