cmdAgent cannot be found

i just update comodo free firewall ( windows 8.1 64x )
and get warning:

“The descrition for Event ID 0 from source cmdAgent cannot be found.
Either the component that raises this event is not installed on yor local computer or installation
is corrupted…”

i tryed restarting my pc, but it not start anymore… it hangs at start up. :o

F8 won`t open safe mode --it give → Diagnosing your computer ( for ever ) :-\

What can i do. :o Comodo messing my pc >:(

Can you start it on the Windows install disc & run repairs?

Fail safe state removing comodo is not possible.
It takes several hours to fix this problem
Finally i get rid of comodo.
Must find alternative firewall 8)

It looks to me the problem may have been with the file system in the first place. Event Viewer may tell us more here. I hope you’re considering Comodo again when Event Viewer shows the problem was with the file system.