cmdagent bursts of IO activity

Hi all.

I’m having a problem lately with Comodo Firewall.
I have the latest release version, but this issue was also with the previous one:

Every once in a while, my computer gets “stuck”, with sometimes 100% CPU, but mostly a lot of hard-disk activity. After some 5 to 10 seconds (although rarely 20 seconds), everything goes back to normal.
With ProcessExplorer, I noticed that the process cmdagent.exe is doing some massive IO read activity, with some tens of MB per second (I think it’s my HD limit - 50MB/s or so). Sometime ProcessExplorer reports several hunderds of MB/s, which I think is some in-computer communication (don’t know what exactly PE reports there).
All other processes seem to operate normally.

I’m running NOD32 and TrojanHunter, so I doubt this is some virus.

Is it a known issue?
Is there a fix?


Hi sosl. Welcome to the forums and welcome to my thread. There are 2 main possible causes:
[1] Monitor Dll injections options in the Application Behavioural Analysis
[2] You get a lot of logs.

Try turning either of them off. If not, please visit the other thread for more suggestions.