*.cmd vs. *.bat

I’m not sure this is the right place to post this, since this is not really a bug as such…

I see many places withing the application where one can define filters for what an executable file is (as far as I can tell this only applies to “Image Execution Control Settings”|“Files To Check” and “My Protected Files” but there may be other places). As expected, these sets include *.bat files, which invoke the 16-bit command interpreter, command.cmd. However, these sets do not include *.cmd, which invoke the 32-bit command interpreter, cmd.exe. Wouldn’t this cause a small “hole” in the default configuration?

Additionally, why are the sets defining what an executable file not equal in the different places?


No need to worry. Just try to launch any batch with .cmd extension (Comodo Firewall rules are default): it should show “explorer.exe tries to execute somebatch.cmd” which means .cmd file was intercepted before loading to memory. At least how it works for me. But then, i don’t understand completely purpose of “files to check” section ???
Anyway, bear in mind i may be wrong :slight_smile: