CLT with latest 4.1.......920

Update 4.1.150349.920

whats new?

Hi guys I am pleased to say that the latest bug fix of 4.1…920 seems to have fixed the taskbar issues and also I just tested CLT again with sandbox enabled and got 340/340 :slight_smile:

:-TU same here , it also fixes some incompatibility issue for a program that I have reported :slight_smile: , good job comodo keep it up



:■■■■ Yes same here, Well done comodo, Thanks for fixing bugs Quickly, Keep it going comodo team (:CLP)

not perfect for me : sandbox enabled : impersonation explorer as parent failed + impersonation dde failed

i have to disable sandbox to have a perfect score.

any idea ?

I would hope Comodo would pass it’s own leak test! haha

LOL It does now but previously for me and quite a few others it didn’t

same here, plus i also get Invasion: physical memory. With sandbox disabled, i get 340/340 and only 4 popups.

Ok Melih

Now that you have a almost perfect security suite what can we expect next. I got 340/340 for the leak test with SB enabled and 2 popups, the update went flawlessly, it took about 25 mins to scan 55 gig and the mem usage is only about 15meg. In your humble opinion how much better can CIS get? Buy the way do you know anyone who may want to buy a 2nd hand KIS and license, hehehe?

shadha :comodo110:

I still get 320/340 with Sandbox and 330/340 without it. :frowning:

As you know I updated to sp3 so maybe that’s the difference now??

Maybe… I hope COMODO will fix this bug for sp2 and will not expect from me to update to sp3… :-\

Updated to from V4.0 and ran the CLT. Sandbox enabled with everything checked with the exception of “automatically run unrecognized programs inside the sandbox” and get a 340/340. The problem is that I received approx 40 pop-ups all from D+ and a few from the firewall. If I check them all I get a 330/340 RootkitInstallation: ChangeDrvPath Vulnerable
Need help on configuration to reduce the number of pop-ups and still get a 340/340.

Windows XP SP3
CIS is all I have running for security with proactive config.