clt.exe is able to execute services.exe

I run CLT test and it pop-up alert of services.exe instead of clt.exe in test item “ChangeDrvPath”. All others test items behave normally with pop-up alerts for clt.exe. I did a clean install of CIS and that fix it for a while. After a day of normal computer use, this strange behaviour come back again. This time I try to fix it by restoring the default D+ rules but it cannot fix the problem.

It looks like that after CIS working for a while clt.exe is then able to execute services.exe and the pop-up alert screen is attached.

My system’s information is listed below;
*E6300 (1.86G old version)
*Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit (UAC disabled)
*Avast 5, CIS version 4.0.141842.828 Firewall with D+ in pro-active security mode, D+ in Safe Mode, Firewall in Custom Mode.
*Test with CLT.exe version v.

[attachment deleted by admin]